Retail crime is on the rise – support your retail store

After the lull we have seen in retail crime and shoplifting in the UK during the last ten years, retail crime is on the rise and shoplifting incidents have risen by 21% from March 2021-2022. This is according to the data collected by the Office of National Statistics. The sudden spike in this level of crime has sparked concern across the industry as to how and why shoplifting is on the increase once again.

Shoplifting costs the UK economy around £1.4 billion per year, and this cost has to be reflected in the price of goods consumers’ purchase. With the cost of living increasing astronomically, consumers often cannot afford goods, even without the increase from shoplifting costs added on. It is for this reason that we recommend retailers protect their stores and their staff by adopting effective security systems that aim to prevent and deter shoplifting crimes as well as to catch thieves and opportunists in the act of stealing. JKI Distribution is serious about supporting retail stores across the UK to protect their stock.

Magnetic release tags to prevent and deter retail crime

Magnetic release tags come in a range of options, making them perfect for protecting all sorts of stock. From sunglasses to alcohol and clothing to accessories, magnetic release tags are a great option. Designed to protect clothing and products from shoplifters, the magnetic clamp prevents removal using an average magnet. The tag can only be removed using the deactivator detachers supplied by security companies like JKI Distribution.

Magnetic release tags work by sounding an alarm if someone tries to leave the store with the tag still attached to the product they have. Whilst this can sometimes be through human error of not removing the tag, often it will notify security or staff members that someone is trying to leave the store without paying for the goods they have with them.

JKI distribution supplies a large range of security labels and hard tags to cover every product in retail. For more information on our tagging systems, to discuss our deactivator detachers or to find out more about our EAS systems, get in touch with our expert team today.